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3x Your ROI or Your Money Back

You're in a unique position right now!

About 20 years ago, we started helping dentists grow their practices & make a positive impact within their communities.

With our amazing community of dentists and our unmatched strategies and tools, we have been adding about $200K - $500K in just three months to several dental practices.

And you know the best part?

That's without you having to spend money on Facebook ads, following up with unqualified leads, or overwhelming your team!

Our clients trust our experience because we're a results-only marketing agency. If you don't grow, we don't grow! Our numbers prove it!

Get out of success chaos.

It feels impossible to get ahead with your dental practice. After 20+ years in the industry, we've seen dentists struggling with the same problems:

❌ Not enough high-ticket, high-margin cases coming in

❌ An overwhelmed team that's unable to give patients personalized attention

❌ Lack of clarity on numbers and no tangible ROI from your marketing

A practice that doesn't strategize their growth doesn't have a predictable or reliable way to profitably acquire new patients. This puts you at risk of extinction.

If your business doesn't grow, it's only a matter of time before you shrink down to a level where you can't pay for your overhead.

Or ...

Expenses rise just high enough that your profit margins get too slim.

And then you have to make poor decisions based on scarcity and circumstance, rather than strategy.

That brings you to this very unique position:

A position of choice.

Where you can choose what kind of control you want over the growth of your sales and the fate of your business.

About 1000 dentists already trust our brand!

We're confident you can become part of our close-knit community - with no risk on your end. Our 3:1 ROI Guarantee makes sure you're investing in smart marketing - the kind of marketing where you see your practice grow.

If you don't see that, you get your money back.

You have everything to win and nothing to lose!

On top of all that, you have competition on the rise, corporate offices taking over, and continual staff shortages. Not to mention, we're going through the next recession.

Most practices have $300K-800K sitting in their patient database.

How do we get that $300K+ into your bank account?

Fill Your Leaks

You want a PROFITABLE BUSINESS, not traffic or leads.

So we identify any revenue leaks within your practice by creating a strategic marketing framework.

Revenue Now

Inject your practice with immediate revenue through your current database.

We'll pack your calendar with high-ticket cases without stressing your team with follow-up.

Patient Generation

Drive new and qualified patients to your office on autopilot.

No more wasting your time with unqualified leads or constant follow-up. We take care of all that.

Headshot of Lorie Streeter

"Working with Roadside Dental Marketing is the best decision you can make for your practice. Not just because they build sleek and intuitive websites but because they truly bring your brand to LIFE! We trust Roadside with the most important part of our business, our customer-facing message."

- Lorie Streeter, Vice President of AADOM

"We used to average 12 new patients a month, now we average 42 new patients. Can't keep up!"

- Dr. Paul Silberman

Headshot of Lorie Streeter

Ready for your practice to be next?

If you don't make money, we don't make money. That's why we look at the whole picture of your practice growth. From the ice-cold lead to a happy new patient, we make sure you're getting results - no matter what.

Our system comes with a 3:1 ROI Guarantee. If you don't triple your investment within 90-days, you don't pay.

If you decide to reach out and start a relationship, our goal for you is to:

😍 Fill your chairs with high-ticket cases, so you can increase your margins by 25%+

😍 Free up your team, and provide personalized service that builds lifelong patients

😍 Build a sustainable system to scale your practice growth and bring on more associates

Jumpstart your practice growth with 0 risk

Before “prescribing” anything, we do a strategy deep dive to “patch the leaks” before “filling the bucket” with new patients.

We break out your strategic framework in 3 main steps:

The strategy round table

Instead of marketing tactics, our top players analyze your business, strategy, and systems. These players include PPC wizards, marketing strategists, and former dental consultants.

We'll guide you on the proper actions to make the practice run and handle any new patient growth.

We hit the low-hanging fruit.

Wanna know how we generated 300k for one practice in 3 months? By leveraging the relationship already built instead of starting from scratch.

Using our proprietary software and system, we'll book new patients right into your calendar. Oh, and that's without extra staff time or ad spend.

Scale your new patient generation.

Once we plug up the leaks, it's time for new growth. We'll drive new high-ticket cases to your office on autopilot.

Our AI targeting will ensure low cost per lead. Our trained appointment setters will filter out the tire-kickers and send hot leads to your scheduling team.

How we make sure you're successful?

✅ Easy Onboarding

✅ Immediate Tangible Results

✅ Team + Sales Training

✅ Trackable ROI

✅ Easy On Your Team

✅ CRM + Marketing Tools Included

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If we can’t prove a minimum 3:1 ROI, you'll get your money back.