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“You have to be on social media!”

 “It’s the only way to grow your practice!”

“You have to post every single day!”

☝️How many times have you heard these phrases?

20 times? 30 times? 1000 times?

Being a dental marketing agency since 1999, here’s a confession…

Social media sucks!

Yes, we admit it. We’re in the same boat as you.

Social media was the bane of our existence. We kept saying:

“We’re not content creators! We’re marketers and developers.”

Our “social media presence” was just generic content. Here’s a screenshot of it.

generic social posts

It didn’t provide any value to our audience, and we resisted the change.

But these stats kept haunting us…

5 Billion Users

Facebook has 3 billion users. Instagram has 2 billion users.

56% of Consumers

Think brands should be more relatable on social media.

151 Minutes

Is how long someone spends on social media every day.

We had to bite the bullet.

  • We partnered with a high-end video agency in LA

  • Invested a few hours per month to take our content to the next level

  • We put intention into our social media strategy

Then we noticed a shift within a year...

  • Our audience grew by 10%

  • Our lead quality boomed

  • Our sales skyrocketed by 30% 👀

But social media can feel like an unnecessary evil.

We get it!

It’s a massive time suck


You get zero to little help


Your current content feels boring

You don’t see tangible growth

You entered dentistry to change people’s lives

Not to become a viral TikTok sensation or a social media manager.

You weren’t trained for that. And for most practices, they suck at it 😅

We’ll say it again: Social media can suck.

But here’s the thing…

The problem ISN’T…

❌ Social media is too hard.

❌ Social media doesn’t drive growth for dentists.

The REAL problem is…

You don’t have the roadmap and tools designed to drive true growth.

To put social media on autopilot (and stop you from pulling your hair out), you need:


A content strategy that lays out a clear path to your goals


Systems with scripts and messaging that align with your target audience.


A team and software that automates 98% of the manual work of posting, scheduling, designing, hashtagging, and writing.

People Say You Need Social Media… But Why?

How does it possibly get you more patients? It attracts all types of people in their buyer’s journey.

⬆ Watch Me!

1. It puts you top of mind for the people who want substance

People are spending 2+ hours a day on social media looking for valuable content.

You can provide value to this audience upfront.

Share your expertise

Share your personality

Answer questions 

Doing this levels you up as the authority. There’s the opportunity of grabbing 80% of the market because of this.

What would life look like if you could own 80% of that market share by sharing your expertise with the world?

⬆ Watch Me!

2. It increases your marketing ROI with brand engagement

When someone types “dentist near me,” they’re checking you out on your website and social media pages. They want to know:

Are you likable?

Are you legit?

Are you who you say you are?

Having a social media presence tells people you’re with the times.

You don’t have to post every day. You just want a consistent flow.

What would life look like if new patients went “I feel like I know you! I’m sold!” and you just had to spend 15 minutes a week on social media?

⬆ Watch Me!

3. It makes it so much easier to close treatment

There are people who are ready to buy and are digging into your high-ticket services.

They could’ve:

Been referred to you

Heard of you through the grapevine

Found you on Google

They’re looking at all the content you’ve created around your high-ticket service, including your social media pages.

This builds up your authority. They trust you. They’re more likely to say yes to treatment with you when they come in.

What would life look like if you could increase your treatment acceptance by 10% just by spending 15 minutes a week on social media?

☝️We know this works because it worked for us

And dentists need social media but without draining all of their time and energy.

So we created a social media software that automates 98% of the creation and posting process, especially for…

Icon to represent dentists who hate social media

Dentists who never want to look at social media again

Icon that represents dentist who wants to be a thought leader

Dentists want to become the thought leader in their community


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The platform that puts social media on autopilot.

nw ides icon

Never think of new ideas

We’ll hand you the ideas, scripts, and tools of what makes killer content your patients want to consume.

graphics icon

Never create graphics + captions

We’ll create the posts, captions, and hashtags all focused on reaching and resonating with your community.

soial media icon

Never post your posts

We’ll take care of all the posting and scheduling. You just focus on taking care of your patients.

Level up your online presence with a full suite of social media services

Take a peek into Social Connect.

Custom Post Branding

Branded Posts

We’ll create 3 engaging posts with your practice's unique colors and logo every week.

Custom Local Hashtags

Custom Local Hashtags

Locally-targeted and trending hashtags specific to your practice, amplifying your reach and visibility in your community.

2-Way Calendar Control

2-Way Calendar Control

Enjoy the freedom to reschedule, edit, or delete posts, giving you control over your social media narrative.

Custom Graphic Design Requests

Custom Graphic Design Requests

Our design team is at your service. Every week, tell us what you want to post and we’ll show off your practice's vibe.

Photo Submissions

Photo Submissions

Easily send in photos to feature on your social media, showcasing the heart of your practice, your team, and the community you serve​.

Managed Comments & Messages

Managed Comments & Messages

Engage with your audience without the hassle. Our team can manage interactions on your behalf, ensuring timely responses that maintain and grow patient relationships​.

BONUS: Content Grab Kit

When you sign up for Social Connect, you’ll also get the scripts, tools, and frameworks to create high-converting videos and photos for your marketing. This includes:

Video Scripts

Video Scripts

From high-ticket services to FAQs, you don't need to write a single video script. All you need to do is press record.

Photoshoot + Video Checklists

Photoshoot + Video Checklists

Get all the tips and checklists to make content creation a breeze while you’re creating killer photos and videos.

Canva Templates + 2300+ Social Posts

2300+ Social Post Library

Still want to contribute to social media? You’ll get access to our entire social media library we’ve created over the last 9 years.

Value $1894

Included With Social Connect

Dr. Salvatore Infantino

“After practicing for 28 years and all the marketing changes that I’ve observed, I decided to give Roadside a try, to develop our team's website and take control of our social media presence. I really love what I do and wanted to remain relevant!!! If there is any dentist out there that wants to do just that and more, quit searching now. They are professional, knowledgeable and technologically smarter than I could ever be!!!”

- Dr. Salvatore Infantino

Dr Lesa Allison

“They promised social media presence, organic SEO, smooth technical set up, and a quick turnaround time; all of these were delivered! Lastly, their customer service and ongoing marketing coaching is what puts this company on top. They provide ongoing marketing advice and tools to keep the practice website and social media accounts relative.”

- Dr Lesa Allison

Christi Bintliff, Practice Manager

“Being an Administrator of a very busy multi-doctor practice leaves me with very little free time. Thankfully, Roadside is there to take one thing off my plate by managing our site and managing social media. This is incredibly valuable to me because it allows me to focus on other things.”

- Christi Bintliff, Practice Manager

How Much Time Are You Saving With Social Connect?

Your Time With Social Media Your Time With
Brainstorming Ideas 30 minutes 15 minutes
Creating 3 Posts 3 hours 0 minutes
Writing 3 Captions 2 hours 0 minutes
Posting + Scheduling 1 hour 0 minutes
Audience Engagement 1 hour 0 minutes
Your Time Commitment: 8 hours per week 15 minutes per week

How Much Is It?

Hiring a social media manager would cost you $5000/mo.

Social Conect logo

Only $499/mo

Risk-free when you buy social connect
Dr. Paul Silberman

"We used to average 12 new patients a month, now we average 42 new patients. Can't keep up!"

- Dr. Paul Silberman

"What I love about Roadside Dental Marketing is that they help our members create long-term marketing strategies so they see real practice growth AND don't have to do unnecessary work.

I've seen AADOM members evolve with thinking strategy first, and their marketing completely changes. They build a relationship directly with the patient."

- Heather Colicchio, Founder and President of AADOM

Money back badge

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Your satisfaction is our priority. Experience the full benefits of Social Connect risk-free.

We understand the hesitation that comes with trying something new, especially when it's about the growth of your dental practice.

If you decide Social Connect isn't the right fit for your practice within the first 30 days, we’ll refund your first month's subscription—no questions asked.

We're confident you'll love the ease and results, but your peace of mind comes first.

About Roadside Dental Marketing

Helping 2500+ dental practices grow since 1999

Our mission is to create strategic partnerships with heart-centered dentists, where they see tangible ROI and connect deeply with their communities.

Roadside Dental Marketing team
T. Lance Collier

"I know what y’all do is very technical and not the easiest to explain to a lay person, but I appreciate your time in helping me understand and make meaningful decisions. I also appreciate your time in discussing other practice aspects. Working with people that understand the dental environment and its inherent challenges makes a HUGE difference.”

- T. Lance Collier

Social Connect FAQs

What exactly does Social Connect do?

Social Connect is a comprehensive social media management service tailored for dental practices. It helps you streamline your social media presence with scheduled posts, community management, and engagement analytics.

How much time do I need to commit to Social Connect each week?

Once you're set up, Social Connect requires only a minimal time commitment from you—just enough to review and approve content or provide personal insights for posts. Most users spend around 15 minutes per week.

What social accounts will you post to?

We'll post to your Facebook and Instagram. However, you can have any social platform to your Social Connect account.

Do I need to provide content, or will Social Connect create it for me?

While Social Connect can create content for you, we encourage contributions like photos or videos from your practice to maintain authenticity. We'll handle the heavy lifting, but your input is always valuable.

Can I still post on my own if I have something specific to share?

Yes, you retain full control over your accounts and can post whenever you wish.

How does Social Connect save me money?

Compared to hiring a full-time social media manager, Social Connect offers a cost-effective solution by providing all the services you need at a fraction of the cost.

What kind of social posts can I expect?

You can expect a diverse range of posts tailored to your dental practice, from educational content, engaging content, and promotional information about your services.

You also get the option to give us 1 custom design request a week, which can include community stories, patient testimonials, staff spotlights, and so much more. Our aim is to highlight the best of what your practice offers and what your patients care about.

What if I'm not tech-savvy?

No worries! Social Connect is designed to be user-friendly. Plus, our support team is here to help with any questions you may have along the way.

How does the 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee work?

If you're not satisfied within the first 30 days of your subscription, you can cancel your service and request a full refund of your first month's fee with no questions asked.

What happens if I want to cancel my subscription after the first month?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. Our goal is to provide value, and if you feel Social Connect isn't the right fit, we make it easy to part ways.

Will Social Connect work with the specific needs of my dental practice?

Yes, Social Connect is flexible and adaptable to serve the unique needs and goals of your dental practice, whether you're a solo practitioner or a multi-location business.

How many posts will you create for me?

Every week, Social Connect will create 3 branded posts and you can request 1 custom post.  We find this is a sweet spot for keeping your audience engaged without overwhelming them.

Will I get a social media marketing strategy?

Please contact Shannon about getting a full-on social media marketing strategy.

Do I need to send you photos and videos?

While Social Connect has a robust library of content, personalized media like photos and videos of your practice, staff, and community events can greatly enhance the authenticity of your posts. You are encouraged to send any media you're comfortable sharing, but it's not a requirement for using our service.

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